The Features

Findor is a technology that packages hotel, admission, and flights in one purchase.

Distance to venue:
Know exactly how far your hotel is from the event.

The most important part of a trip is the experience, what better then being within walking distance to the venue. We also show the aproximative transportation cost with an UBER ride.

Complete travel experience:
Our mission is to make travel faster, easier, with savings.

From the car ride, to the airport, to the hotel, and to the event.

Your trip in one email.

We integrate with Eventbrite or any other ticketing provider to make sure your that your itinerary is in one place.

Hotel, flights, and admission tickets in one single email. A traveler just needs to click redeem and done - nice and easy.

We also provide integrations without Eventbrite, catering to the most common industry accepted admission providers.

Complete UBER ride integration:
Show the cost of an uber ride from the hotel to the event.

Payments are made directly with UBER.

Attendee special pricing Limited offer 20-30% off rooms.

When available, attendees have special pricing at some of the worlds best hotels. Findor is partner to Starwoods and other hotel chains for special offers.

From over 80,000 Hotels

Thanks to our partnership with Orbitz/Expedia, we provide the world's top properties near your events, at the world's lowest prices.